Monday, April 4, 2011

So Things Got a Little Rocky...

But God is beyond GOOD, He is AWESOME and we're readjusting and smoothing out and before you know it we'll all be back to even keel and smooth sailing :D

Ollie has his boater's license, his ATV operator's license (or is it a permit or card? whatever it is, I think it cost money so he can now say he supports Oregon with financial contributions), as well as his LIFEGUARD CERTIFICATION!! That one is totally cool because it is for lifeguard and CPR and I think it's FANTASTIC that he's been so productive, learned so much so quickly and is turning out to be a FINE YOUNG MAN. That's right Grandma Dorothy, he's not our little baby boy anymore :o(

Abigail and Ruby are pretty much half grown and wise little buggers - when they see people do stupid things they notice and the even inquire as to why those people (or that person) is making a bad choice. Am glad they can see the differences and consequences between GOOD choices and bad ones. :)

Casey and Charity brought River and Shaye to Oregon to celebrate Shaye's 5th birthday - and that was super fun! I got to be the sneaky auntie and buy the pinata so Shaye could have ALL of her birthday wishes come true (request 1. go to Oregon to be with the cousins for her birthday; request 2. a pinata.) We had a BLAST and she and Riv got all "Ducked" out :)