Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 26 - 31, 2010 - I think I like clumping my days together ;)

So I played around a bit with some of the frames on my cell phone would be a lot more fun if it would let you use them at a printable resolution, but no, they are micro. like...176x144. not even postage stamp printable. Sigh. It still works great to send photos of silly things to Mindy for color inspiration :) And the Bossa Nova mangosteen blend was YUMMY!! That was Tuesday, January 26th of 2010.

Wednesday evening at church we had a mock Bible Quiz so the quizzers could show the rest of the church what they are doing in "Bible Quizzing." These kids are AMAZING!! Niki & Alaina both "quizzed out," during their teams' turns, quizzing out means they answered their limit of questions correctly and didn't get to answer anymore to make it fair so the other kids would get a chance to answer.

Thursday, I worked a little at Gino's & Sandy took the girls with her to the beach. They were taking Uncle Alan who came down from the big city to visit. It was COLD when I got there, and the girls were all soaked...and Kayla still didn't want to leave :( Abby and Ruby couldn't wait to leave and I had a laugh about how we always get tsunami warnings and when we get the *tsunami* it's like 1 to 3 feet high, however when we get a *high surf* advisory, we get giant (10, 20, even higher) foot waves - one right after another, not one big wave, hundreds of BIG waves - and they usually destroy parts of Sunset Beach as shown here. Apparently, some people chose not to heed the warning and went to beaches and lookouts anyhow, and some of those were actually knocked down by the giant waves, from the observatory at Shore Acres where you would normally think you were relatively safe from the high surf, and had injuries substantial enough to seek medical treatment. CRAZY!! Ten years ago, I might have ignored the warnings too, but one day, driving out to Shore Acres, I realized just how easily the entire road could be washed out in the low spots...leaving one who happened to be beyond that point STUCK until someone figured out how to get them back.

I finally got around to scanning all of my goodies from my trip to Oahu. This was one of my favorite postcards and I wanted to put it into my it had to be scanned :D I like the old style and the soft colors and the rounded colors :)

Saturday, I saw this cool sign at Ross...not cool necessarily because it's a nice sign...but the idea is cool. Photo of something average like grass with a keyword. I like it :)

I also found this photo of our poor cat on Abby's memory card from Saturday. Poor Cat. I'm telling you, the faster she runs, the better off she ends up being. She really enjoys being outside most of the one can get to her and mess with her program out there. She can run about, wander, hunt, come and go at will and not be bothered with constant mauling.

We had 2 baptisms this morning at church, Zion being one of them - new and exciting things are going to happen in Zion's life - and I am SOOOO happy and excited for him!! What an awesome family God has blessed him with :D What an awesome way to end January :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

January 17-25th - we are sick. AGAIN!!

Woke up at Annie's all congested again. Getting cough. WHAT?? Didn't we just do this like the entire month of December? You have got to be kidding me. First stop on the way home was TARGET for dayquil. GRRR.

This was a sweet treat for the ride home folks...even snoring is quieter than his norm.

To my knowledge, there aren't any photos from the 18th. I was sick and tired, Abby can't find her camera at all and no one else really takes photos. I am pretty sure I closed Gino's with Katie :)

Ruby was starting to get sick again by the 19th, stuffy nose means sleeps with me and takes over my bed. Poor thing.

Mr. Hinkel meeting on the 20th (also known as PAYDAY). Abby still hasn't found her Reading Comprehension book - and Ruby has misplaced her phonics book. Other than that, not such a bad week for production :D

Thursday the 21st I had the day off. Literally. I only got up to drive Cam to swimming...which he didn't have Thursday. Had I known, I wouldn't have even gotten out of bed. Grrr.

Friday...Camden swam his first MILE. The 1650 yd freestyle. He finished in FIRST for his division, which is pretty awesome for a first time miler!!

Saturday Cam swam 4 events, and I have decided I think his FLY is now his best stroke - the kid was AMAZING at it. He did awesome in the 200IM (that's one lap of each stroke).

By Sunday, Cam was getting sick. He still had 4 races to swim - the 100 breast, 100 free, 500 free and his lame mother missed his first race, the 100 back. Somehow, he DQ'd in the 100 breast, but having improved enough to cut over 30 seconds off of his time, didn't really care about his DQ, he will just pay attention more closely next time. His last race was the 500yd free and he was WIPED OUT by then. Sore throat, aching joints, cough...and said, "nah, I'm good, it's my last race, I'll swim it." He took second in his heat, 1st place going to an amazing kid named Trevor who was 11 and very nervous about swimming the 500 free for the first time. I had to go to work and Cam tagged along, but ended up going to Grandpa's to rest until I was off work...and he's still in bed today. I seem to be getting OVER this new cold/cough garbage, Abby has weathered it fairly well. Ruby is grouchy and scratchy throated and Cam is now down for the count. :o( Kurt is sick too, but welders just weld whether they are coughing or not apparently, because Kurt doesn't call in sick. He may have ONCE in the last 5 years...

OH! And today, I tried to make coconut soup. It's more like...citrus/chicken soup with coconut. I couldn't find thai chili paste anywhere...didn't exactly look. I wanted tofu and forgot to buy it and ended up using lemon pepper chicken...yeah. So, it's not bad, but it's not what I was craving (EZ Thai...takeout).

So glad I am on my way to work, that pile of clean laundry is intimidating. Even blurry.

16JAN2010 - going home

Sad but true, we had to fly back home. At least this trip we were on the same plane, and there were lots of empty seats, so I had 2 by myself and Kortni moved to the row behind her and got 3 to herself!

Just a little science here, if the cap is closed at take off, when you open the bottle during flight, it squirts you in the face because the pressure increased due to the atmospheric pressure change (the part that makes ears pop), likewise, when you are landing, if the bottle is capped and empty, the pressure change causes the bottle to collapse. YES, I saved the bottle for the children without messing with it so they could see. The only part they really cared about is that they still haven't gotten to fly anywhere. :D

We got to Portland around 9:00 PM, Rob picked us up around 10-10:30ish. We hooked up with kurt around...late at Denny's just off of I-5 in Albany and made it to Duke & Annie's to stay the night around 12:30 AM. Sigh.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Alrighty folks, there is a COSCO on Oahu. We couldn't stop to eat at the many, many little authentic *mom & pop* type trailers of authentic, local food, it scared Kadi, they probably aren't safe...(right. like they could get much worse than my own kitchen at home). So we had lunch at COSCO folks. Same food they sell at every Cosco I have ever been to. Comforting...yet somehow just not...well...exotic enough for vacay lunch.

We bought some mini cheesecakes and other foods Phil liked to snack on once inside and we planned his "reenlistment party" for the evening, with Apples to Apples of course.

We SAW these mochi and sent the photo to Dad and did not buy any. Dad would have bought at least one box, probaby 2. He loves mochi.

Then Kadi dropped Kortni & I off at Hanauma Bay so we could snorkel. We bought new bathing suits at Cosco (they are under our clothes, you didn't want us to frighten children off of the beach did you?) Most of our photos here are with reusable, 35mm, underwater cameras and I haven't scanned any of my prints yet. We'll get around to that eventually. We saw mahi mahi, and schools of convict something fish (black and white striped) and urchins and coral and we had a FANTASTIC time - got back to the beach to find that Kadi had been calling and texting if we were going to hang out on the beach next to our phones at Hanauma? ARE YOU CRAZY?? Phil was scheduled to pick us up at 4:30ish... We didn't have time to go back in, but we had been in the water over 2 hours :D This is a MUST DO event if you are on Oahu, even if you have to rent gear. It's SO worth it (even if the locals think it's cold this time of year).

Then we have Mike. Apparently the ONLY photo I took at the *party,* during the evening time. We had yummy mini cheesecakes and eventually got around to the Apples to Apples. Phil won...I think. I know I didn't win :( Eh, whatever :D

January 14, 2010 - Phil's Reenlistment, Bowling...stuff

Sgt. Spatz reenlisted in the Marines. Beautiful day, rather short ceremony. Kadi got a certificate for being a wonderful and supportive wife.

After Phil's reenlistment ceremony, we went to lunch at Pinky's because he got the rest of the day off. Then some shopping on base, grocery type shopping. Then a quick stop at a beach I remember from my last trip, because of the "Chinaman's hat" sticking up from the water (even found a book about this beach, which is why I know they call it Chinaman's Hat).  There happened to be para-sailors there too. Two that were having trouble lifting off and one flying around. AND I found a coconut...that someone's dog apparently tried to cart off while I was down at the rest area, Kadi & Kortni didn't let the dog have it lol.

We went bowling on base Thursday night, and finished the evening at home playing Apples to Apples (oh wait, there was a brief stop at Kailua Palace to karaoke).

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lookie What I can do...January 12 & 13 in ONE post

We hit Windward Mall. I found a junk store...aka, the kind with inexpensive Asian foods that I love, and I found Korean Style Nori on sale for $0.95/3pk - tasty. YES, I bought one that I am not opening for RUBY! I also found gen mai cha for $8/lb, but didn't buy any because I just bought 2# back home. We did the crazy photo booth thing, and it's REALLY small in there. Then it was off to Spencer's to buy stuff for Kortni's bachelorette party. The front of Spencer's is full of  cool socks, tights, hats, bags...the back of Spencer's was moderatlely frightening. 
Bad photo, but it's a Kermit stocking cap folks, yes, they sell stocking caps on island. Crazy isn't it? I am not sure why they do this, but I saw them all over.

I found a photo of myself marking the ladies room at Windward, and a Hello Kitty store (yes, I thought of Patricia, NO, I did not buy the very expensive, I LOVE NERDS bag, even though it was so totally cute!! The party store had the most disturbing poster I have seen in quite a while hanging in the window. Yes, they put purplish hair on that child and made her a freakish leprechaun - eerie. Sorry folks, that's just a bit too much, she looks FIVE...just not cool.

After the mall, off to Chinatown. I like Chinatown, it doesn't scare me. Marines are not supposed to visit Chinatown because of the crime related to it, but we were on a mission. We needed mangosteen and to eat something at Pho 97 where Randy & Loan said we should have noodles. We didn't have time for noodles as we were on a schedule, but we did grab some spring roll type things that I like, one veggie, one pork, and they were YUMMY!!!

After that, it was off to Duke's Waikiki, then to the open air market and Kortni and I didn't just find this cool waterfall with Koi pond, we also found 7 for $20 t-shirts!!

I will finish later :D OKAY - the 25th is officially LATER!!
Kadi kept us busy...very busy. Pics from the 13th...

We went to North Shore...we did not buy any overpriced drinks in frighteningly carved monkey coconuts. I think it was supposed to be a monkey.

There were tomatoes in my coconut milk based clam chowder - folks, I'm all for exotic foods, but this chowder was just flat WEIRD!! and gave me stomach cramps.

Then walking through shops (apparently we didn't come to go to any beach or see the water, surfers, etc...we came to North Shore to eat at that surfer tourist restaurant and walk through shops). I liked this piece of artwork...cuz it's 3D - it has cool stuff on it, and fish and it's my favorite colors :D

You weren't supposed to take photos at this gallery? I'm not exactly sure what it is, but it looked like an art club/gallery/hippie fest. After several photos I came across a sign in the ground that requested "NO PHOTOS." Yeah. whatever.

We went to beaches with high surf, strong current warnings. Didn't make them any less beautiful :D it did make us less beautiful as high winds blew our hair all about :D