Tuesday, January 5, 2010

02.January.2010 - Do I really go to Hawaii in 6 days??

Still not feeling well, I don't remember ever being sick so long - but I do like the colored lights that have been hanging from our mirror, sort of as a night light, ever since the kids dumped out all the boxes of...well basically EVERYTHING that was stored in the back bedroom, and discovered them.

Friend, strings of colored lights ARE NOT JUST FOR CHRISTMAS!! There is no logical reason not to brighten up any day of the year with them, really, I can't come up with one. Strings of colored lights are FUN :o)

Yeah. Hawaii on Friday the 8th. Just heard we will also be celebrating Kortni's bachelorette festivities as well - I had no idea my sister had picked at date...and that March 23 was it! We have to celebrate while in Hawaii with Kadi because Kadi won't be able to make it home in time to goof off AND be in the wedding :o)

Should be a fun sisters trip - even though I don't let them get me into trouble ;o)

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