Monday, January 25, 2010

January 17-25th - we are sick. AGAIN!!

Woke up at Annie's all congested again. Getting cough. WHAT?? Didn't we just do this like the entire month of December? You have got to be kidding me. First stop on the way home was TARGET for dayquil. GRRR.

This was a sweet treat for the ride home folks...even snoring is quieter than his norm.

To my knowledge, there aren't any photos from the 18th. I was sick and tired, Abby can't find her camera at all and no one else really takes photos. I am pretty sure I closed Gino's with Katie :)

Ruby was starting to get sick again by the 19th, stuffy nose means sleeps with me and takes over my bed. Poor thing.

Mr. Hinkel meeting on the 20th (also known as PAYDAY). Abby still hasn't found her Reading Comprehension book - and Ruby has misplaced her phonics book. Other than that, not such a bad week for production :D

Thursday the 21st I had the day off. Literally. I only got up to drive Cam to swimming...which he didn't have Thursday. Had I known, I wouldn't have even gotten out of bed. Grrr.

Friday...Camden swam his first MILE. The 1650 yd freestyle. He finished in FIRST for his division, which is pretty awesome for a first time miler!!

Saturday Cam swam 4 events, and I have decided I think his FLY is now his best stroke - the kid was AMAZING at it. He did awesome in the 200IM (that's one lap of each stroke).

By Sunday, Cam was getting sick. He still had 4 races to swim - the 100 breast, 100 free, 500 free and his lame mother missed his first race, the 100 back. Somehow, he DQ'd in the 100 breast, but having improved enough to cut over 30 seconds off of his time, didn't really care about his DQ, he will just pay attention more closely next time. His last race was the 500yd free and he was WIPED OUT by then. Sore throat, aching joints, cough...and said, "nah, I'm good, it's my last race, I'll swim it." He took second in his heat, 1st place going to an amazing kid named Trevor who was 11 and very nervous about swimming the 500 free for the first time. I had to go to work and Cam tagged along, but ended up going to Grandpa's to rest until I was off work...and he's still in bed today. I seem to be getting OVER this new cold/cough garbage, Abby has weathered it fairly well. Ruby is grouchy and scratchy throated and Cam is now down for the count. :o( Kurt is sick too, but welders just weld whether they are coughing or not apparently, because Kurt doesn't call in sick. He may have ONCE in the last 5 years...

OH! And today, I tried to make coconut soup. It's more like...citrus/chicken soup with coconut. I couldn't find thai chili paste anywhere...didn't exactly look. I wanted tofu and forgot to buy it and ended up using lemon pepper chicken...yeah. So, it's not bad, but it's not what I was craving (EZ Thai...takeout).

So glad I am on my way to work, that pile of clean laundry is intimidating. Even blurry.

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Richard Hinkel said...

I'm thrilled that Cam is doing so well at swimming. Excellent.
Too bad you're all not feeling well. We'll see if you make it in to school.