Tuesday, January 5, 2010


This is my view from...my BED!! I am so disgusted with still being SICK I tell you. I claim VICTORY over this dread cough in Jesus Name!!

We did all make it to church even though no one was feeling really up to par, I figured we weren't dead and we were able to get up and wander the house, so we went...then got home and I crashed and burned. Slept all afternoon, occasionally waking to take a peek out my door and make sure Ruby wasn't on the counter concocting anything crazy in *her restaurant* fondly called from now on, "Oscar Chef." Yes folks, that's really the name of her restaurant. It's not Chef Oscar's, not Chez Oscar, it's OSCAR CHEF - if you have any questions, she will set you straight. And no, she doesn't let Oscar cook.

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