Sunday, May 23, 2010

16th May – 23rd May 2010 – which means CAUGHT UP FOLKS!!


16th May, 2010. Yes, Scott, I did. I really did take your photos – all of you – while you weren’t paying attention :D

17th May, 2010 – can’t find a thing. Phew.


18th May, 2010 Rubz. Or is it Rubez? Roobz? Well, you know, my funny girl. She was having a bad day and no one would play *dress up* with her, so she dressed up and I took 50 photos of her and she was all better. She is pretty cute :D


19th May, 2010 – amazing, awesome, cloud and sky behind the church after the youth rally service – on our way to the pizza party at Gino’s!


20th May, 2010 – Krystal’s Apple Pizza with ice cream.


21st May, 2010 – Took Camden to Florence where he was meeting up with Grandpa so they could drive to Eugene to catch a plane to Seattle and then from Seattle to Anchorage! Wahoo! Yes. That is a poster/banner of my Dad hanging up there on that pole. He made us drive through the entire parking lot so we could turn and go up that row, JUST SO WE COULD SEE HIS BANNER lol. 20 years at Peace Harbor – WTG!

*uh oh. just realized there are photos sitting on the xt now that it’s back from the shop – and i haven’t set the time/date on it (or checked it) yet either. The 22nd is there, but not with me right now. Maybe I will tuck it in here later :D


23rd May, 2010 – Jay. Explaining his bathroom remodel.

May 2 – 15, 2010


Sandy was *holding* my camera – all the way back to the car. And she took my picture.



We get good *sky* out the back door at Gino’s – but we always have to frame the photo around the cardboard recycle bin, dumpster, propane tank and the grease bin. Grrr. We need a balcony at Gino’s





All you can eat Mexican Dinner for $5 at the Sea Basket in Charleston. That is…all the TACOS you can eat. Ron came with us because he thought it was fish & chips. We thought we had ordered from their menu (which had 6 options) a variety of things, but what we all got was plates of TACOS. They were running out of food. They told us all they had left were tacos and rice…but we saw several plates of other foods going out that weren’t tacos – after our food was served – but for $5/plate…we just ate it. Ron was scratching his chin over this puzzlement of serving others food they were out of – and several other customers were getting wrong food too and were quite angry and I just laughed. To me the whole thing was funny – and Ron wanted to make sure that I was aware of the fact that this just wasn’t normal. I will probably laugh about this Cinco De Mayo dinner for years to come.



Ruby made a hole in her ice cream to peep through.



More good sky out the back door of Gino’s.



Ruby can now officially ride her bike without training wheels!!



Not only does rosemary smell good and grow behind the church – it blossoms pretty blue/periwinkle flowers!! I had no idea it blossomed!

Happy Mother’s Day.



Empire Pier. On the way home from work in the dark, long exposure, tripod used, shot by Camden (self timer) and adjusted a bit in photoshop :D



Tree frog caught whilst I was at work, when they took me down to take photos of it, they realized that if it wasn’t covered, it might be able to get out. Rocket science here folks. :D

They turned him loose after his photo session, since he needed to eat and no one really wants to trap bugs and try to get them to hold still so he can easily get them.



Ruby, swinging on the pole in the *diamond* out in front of the church (the sign at the top says something to the effect of “keep right” since the “circle” is a one way loop).



Evil people took unflattering photos of me, but I liked my hair in this one.



BBQ. Halibut. Mahi Mahi. Sunshine. Rice. Fireplace not shown, but it’s quickly becoming a bbq habit/tradition to roast marshmallows over the fire!!



Kurt fixing things. Specifically his truck. Timing belt needed changed, something was skipping teeth, something else had twisted itself all out of whack. He mostly fixed it all up, but really, he would rather just buy Ron’s old truck…



But I can’t find a photo for May 1. HAHAHAHAHA.

April 20 – 30, 2010

4/20 missing. may well be on film. i don’t keep track of dates on my film photos…and if i thought it were terribly important i might buy a journal and jot all that info down in, but whatever. not that big of a deal 20 years from now – spring 2010 will due fine at that point lol.


4/21 Than answer was “no.” We did not adopt a pet, although Ruby was picking them out.


4/22 Cold. Windy. Still pretty to look at :D Abby, Ruby and Kayla running down the pier in Empire.


4/23 BEAUTIFUL DAY!! Warm. Not too windy. Absolutely beautiful!! Hit the beach – Sunset this time :D


4/24 This is not a sport I participate in. I have never fired a weapon. I don’t know how to load/unload a gun. I have NO DESIRE TO LEARN. Abby and Ruby on the other hand seem to enjoy shooting the .22 so I went along for the ride and humored myself by taking photos. We went from here to a bbq to see Casey and Shaye Shaye who’d just flown in from Anchorage.




4/25 Cousins. You don’t see any food on their faces, you are blinded by the over processing crazy edit. :D


4/26 Days and days of beautiful weather and Casey had waited until the day before they were leaving to go to the beach…and it started raining. Windy. Then rain. Then wind and blowing rain. We ended it by having lunch at the Grotto in Charleston and listening to Shaye tell us all how she was an Oregonian now, she wasn’t going back to Alaska, River was just a *baby* and she was going to stay down here…(turns out she really was glad to go home, she had a long week full of adventures).


4/27 We finally remembered to stop in and try Pad Thai at EZ Thai on their $5 Tuesday deal. Was pretty tasty. Had to do this trip while Camden was swimming, it has peanuts. Just wouldn’t be right to eat it in front of him.


4/28 Ruby made this masterpiece in Mr. Hinkel’s room and was very sad when I asked her to leave it there for a few days so other kids could see her awesome work. She was eventually convinced and was glad she had left it so others could see, because Becca and Kayla both commented on it and told her she did a nice job!


4/29 Painting.


4/30 Ruby’s first real field trip. First ride on a school bus. She sat in a big puddle. She got soaking wet. She got tired and cold. She tripped over a log and face planted. She tried to convince me that she’d had a miserable time, but the truth of the matter is that the photos from the trip show her SMILING and getting piggy backed around a bit :D (Thank You Kord for looking out for Ruby).

April 16, 2010 – April 19th :D


4/16 We went to see the shipwreck at Horsefall –it’s an old one that was partially uncovered in the storms and we really should have paid attention to the tide table that day because we didn’t see much of the shell – and it’s already mostly covered back up again. I’m sure there are other shipwrecks we will see here and there – and quite frankly, we didn’t care a whole lot about this one, it was just a nice day and good time for sand play :D


4/17 taste the rainbow


4/18 *Grandma* Barb praying with one of her grandsons :D


4/19 Diva Zipporah – Daddy bought her a curling iron. I don’t endorse curling (nor straightening) irons. Abigail does.

April 5, 2010 – April 15, 2010



Meet Chase. He’s a neat kid, comes to Gino’s frequently to grab a bag of ice for his mom :D 4/5

4/6 is missing or on film or something. hitch in the film though, walmart won’t process E6 (not even xpro, sigh, i will come up with a plan on that).


zipporah. self portraiting with my cell phone. she seriously looks freaky in this photo, almost enough distortion that i actually thought it could be ruby instead of abigail. 4/7


kayla’s birthday party at the pottery co. 4/8


has been on my mother’s frige for years. hallie rode the short bus because mom drove it… took the photo while up there visiting annie but i can’t remember why we were up there. 4/9

 IMG_7160a IMG_7161aIMG_7162aIMG_7163a 

4/10 Yeah. Ava the Incredible. Seriously landed that flip. Amazing. Gotta’ love that little cruiser!


4/11 Kameron’s 10th birthday! AWESOME PARTY DUDE!


4/12 The girls dressed one of my worshippers as a bride.


4/13 Kayla in the wretched green wig from the March festivities.


4/14 Was a Wednesday…I could tell because Mr. Hinkel was in that day’s folder of photos. He works really hard…I know this because my kids are part of his students.


4/15 – aka TAX DAY – the kids made cupcakes. for breakfast. sweet!

OKAY – Today I will try to catch it all up – in several bite sized posts :) Really.

I promise.

key word: try.