Sunday, May 23, 2010

April 5, 2010 – April 15, 2010



Meet Chase. He’s a neat kid, comes to Gino’s frequently to grab a bag of ice for his mom :D 4/5

4/6 is missing or on film or something. hitch in the film though, walmart won’t process E6 (not even xpro, sigh, i will come up with a plan on that).


zipporah. self portraiting with my cell phone. she seriously looks freaky in this photo, almost enough distortion that i actually thought it could be ruby instead of abigail. 4/7


kayla’s birthday party at the pottery co. 4/8


has been on my mother’s frige for years. hallie rode the short bus because mom drove it… took the photo while up there visiting annie but i can’t remember why we were up there. 4/9

 IMG_7160a IMG_7161aIMG_7162aIMG_7163a 

4/10 Yeah. Ava the Incredible. Seriously landed that flip. Amazing. Gotta’ love that little cruiser!


4/11 Kameron’s 10th birthday! AWESOME PARTY DUDE!


4/12 The girls dressed one of my worshippers as a bride.


4/13 Kayla in the wretched green wig from the March festivities.


4/14 Was a Wednesday…I could tell because Mr. Hinkel was in that day’s folder of photos. He works really hard…I know this because my kids are part of his students.


4/15 – aka TAX DAY – the kids made cupcakes. for breakfast. sweet!

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