Sunday, May 23, 2010

16th May – 23rd May 2010 – which means CAUGHT UP FOLKS!!


16th May, 2010. Yes, Scott, I did. I really did take your photos – all of you – while you weren’t paying attention :D

17th May, 2010 – can’t find a thing. Phew.


18th May, 2010 Rubz. Or is it Rubez? Roobz? Well, you know, my funny girl. She was having a bad day and no one would play *dress up* with her, so she dressed up and I took 50 photos of her and she was all better. She is pretty cute :D


19th May, 2010 – amazing, awesome, cloud and sky behind the church after the youth rally service – on our way to the pizza party at Gino’s!


20th May, 2010 – Krystal’s Apple Pizza with ice cream.


21st May, 2010 – Took Camden to Florence where he was meeting up with Grandpa so they could drive to Eugene to catch a plane to Seattle and then from Seattle to Anchorage! Wahoo! Yes. That is a poster/banner of my Dad hanging up there on that pole. He made us drive through the entire parking lot so we could turn and go up that row, JUST SO WE COULD SEE HIS BANNER lol. 20 years at Peace Harbor – WTG!

*uh oh. just realized there are photos sitting on the xt now that it’s back from the shop – and i haven’t set the time/date on it (or checked it) yet either. The 22nd is there, but not with me right now. Maybe I will tuck it in here later :D


23rd May, 2010 – Jay. Explaining his bathroom remodel.

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