Saturday, January 2, 2010


For starters this year...I am going to write the date how I like to instead of how I forced myself to do it all last year...

Secondly, I decided NOT to create a whole new blog for 2010, it took me all year to get the followers I have, why would I want to move it and come up with another blog address name, it was enough for my brain to change the title...

And finally there may not be a post for every day...won't that be delightful? Let's hope I don't get 2 and 3 weeks behind this year :D

I may even do crazy stuff and put the photos wherever I want them instead of always on the left...

Today. I got to work and the tide was in and it always makes it look like it's going to flood our back parking lot when it's stormy and high tide in the winter. It hasn't flooded since I have worked at Gino's, but it still dramatic, don't you think?

That big thing that looks like a trash bin isn't - it's a grease container...fryer grease is dumped in there and then recycled into something else. I'm not sure what they make it into though - but we do get a letter occasionally warning us about grease theft - people really do steal fryer grease apparently. Now, I know of a few locals that USE fryer grease as a bio fuel - but they don't STEAL it, they have permission to gather it (or they own it) and run it in their cars...crazy.

Cell phone photo is the only one I took today, I really should find the smaller lens for my Rebel - the telephoto one I have on it is a bit too much for lugging around and whipping out to shoot stuff lately.

Now that I am finally almost well - I will want to take more photos :D

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listgirl said...

Hi AmyJo!
Congrats on finishing P365 for 2009, AND for continuing on! What a trooper you are!