Monday, January 25, 2010

16JAN2010 - going home

Sad but true, we had to fly back home. At least this trip we were on the same plane, and there were lots of empty seats, so I had 2 by myself and Kortni moved to the row behind her and got 3 to herself!

Just a little science here, if the cap is closed at take off, when you open the bottle during flight, it squirts you in the face because the pressure increased due to the atmospheric pressure change (the part that makes ears pop), likewise, when you are landing, if the bottle is capped and empty, the pressure change causes the bottle to collapse. YES, I saved the bottle for the children without messing with it so they could see. The only part they really cared about is that they still haven't gotten to fly anywhere. :D

We got to Portland around 9:00 PM, Rob picked us up around 10-10:30ish. We hooked up with kurt around...late at Denny's just off of I-5 in Albany and made it to Duke & Annie's to stay the night around 12:30 AM. Sigh.

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