Tuesday, January 5, 2010

4.Jan.2010 - Malfunction Results in Special Effects

So, my phone is basically TOAST. I sent it in for *repairs* once and they said it was a factory defect, sent it off to the manufacturer (which I could have done without having to use my paid warranty service) and returned it...UNCHANGED!! That's right, it still malfunctioned, still crashed. And I say, whatever, I will get a new one when I get back from Hawaii, for now, we will have ALIEN PHOTOS...and when it crashes, I will simply reboot. It's just a phone, you CALL people with it. It doesn't have to be all smart and fancy - and Ruby does look rather lovely in grainy green...okay, fine. She looks dazed and confused :D But it's still funny that it does this all by itself, only when it feels like it :D

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