Tuesday, January 5, 2010

05.January.2010 - Yep, I work today!!

So, all in all I have been VERY PRODUCTIVE even whilst being under the weather! I got Monika's wedding pics ALL cleaned up (post processed, whatever you want to call it). That's exciting. I got blog pics posted (the hitch on this one now is that the memory card slot in my Rebel is apparently worn out, so if I remove the card from the camera...well, last time it nearly didn't go back in...so now I have to offload from the camera which takes 4 times longer and runs off of the camera battery). I get to go to work today and tomorrow, although tomorrow appears to just be a roll the dough shift. I even have scrapped another couple months of the photos from last year's 365 project (I fell off the scrapping end of the wagon about May, but now I'm scrapped through the end of July). I have decided to scrap the stuff differently this year - hopefully to make it easier, quicker and more - well magazine plain like.

Here's a free little funny for you, Sunday when I stopped to check my schedule, I saw that all next week I was a ROW OF Xes. And I thought to myself, oh no, what did I do wrong? How come Krystal gave me the WHOLE WEEK OFF?? Am I in trouble? Did I upset someone? AND THEN, it occurred to me...Amy, you retard, you're in HAWAII THAT WEEK. Duh. Sometimes I really have...well, for lack of better word, DUH moments :D

I really should figure out how I am getting to the airport on Friday.

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