Friday, January 8, 2010

7JAN10 - another longish day

Today...I was totally NOT ORGANIZED! I mean, I had my list of things to do, starting with going to the clinic to get Camden and Ruby caught up on their necessary shots. Oy.

Then we went to...US Cellular to pick up Kurt's repaired phone, swap the phone he was using to Camden's line and I bought a used phone because mine was limping and I didn't want to limp through Hawaii and have a dead and broken phone where I couldn't get a loaner or I bought a used phone for $49 - a Samsung and it's cool enough, plays mp3 files, has a slot for a micro sd card...and apparently has a software glitch that causes it to crash and reboot if you get a call waiting interruption while you are on the if I am ever on the phone with you and suddenly you find t line is dead/call dropped - yeah, I didn't hang up on you, someone else called and the phone rebooted itself. I will be searching Samsung's site on this topic - it has to be a glitch in the phone software...nevermind that this particular model was the add a line now and get this phone free, as well as the buy one get one free model (why do they always assume you need another line, or two phones? yes, my 9-year-old wants one, NO she's not getting one, she's not old enough to be left alone - and she's always with someone who has a phone either on them or in their home).

USCC shop to Dollar Tree to buy promised ice creams for the shot victims. And prizes. And toys. and several other dollar's worth of things we didn't exactly need. I did  need a few toiletries for the trip.

From there to Gino's where I fixed starving children lunch and they looked at it and said, "um, we're not eating pizza."

From there to Coos Bay to Oregon Inspiration - I used the rest of my Christmas gift certificate and bought a Coos Bay t-shirt (red) and some snacks for the trip.

From there to Wells Fargo to make the car payment.

From there to Wal-Mart to use my gift card to buy a micro sd card for the new phone and a prepaid Visa card for my trip.

War Mart (that's what Ruby called it until she could say it right) back to the pool to drop Cam off, then back HOME because I STILL HADN'T PACKED...and Kortni was already in town looking around for wedding location and reception hall when she called, I was sitting in the middle of my bed, showered and half dressed, sorting through piles of clothes and junk, trying to pack my suitcase. I said Kurt would run me over when he got home.

FINALLY, Kurt got home, I got packed, and I made it to Dad & Kelli's by about 6, thinking I'd held up our departure, only to find Kortni still going over wedding details with Kelli, looking at invites, and not yet printing her boarding pass for our flights in the morning.

Fast forward (that's how she drives) to Philomath, where I am now, packed, tired, thirsty (I should get up and get some water) and having to be up by 5 so we can pull out by 5:30, because I am supposed to start boarding at 8AM - and I realize that you are supposed to be at the airport like an hour or 2 early, but golly, the fast food joints aren't even open at 6 - and I don't want to mill around the airport for 2 hours...and Rob really doesn't want to get up 2 hours earlier than he already has to because Kortni doesn't have to board until 9:45 - so I'm already throwing a hitch in this kind man's giddy-up :o)

Wonder if you can take sliced carrots on the plane in your backpack...dried, salty foods make me feel YUCK after 5 hours of SITTING :D

OH YES, and the photo - the new phone does this multi shot thing, in especially low resolution of course, and that's the auto mode, while at Gino's this afternoon. I do like that it names the image files by date and TIME. cool.

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