Saturday, January 9, 2010

09 January 2010 - we took a little dip

TODAY was official CATCH UP ON SLEEP day. We slept until almost 10 Hawaiian time (that's noon back home). It was delightful. Then we milled around, discussed going to the market to get some plain black tea and some milk for Korts, but we never left until we piled into the car to head for a beach in Kailua. We had these cute snacks of cheese, dill pickle and summer sausage before we left. Kadi made them :D

So we headed out to the beach, where we sat in the sand...for a couple of hours, then Korts and I went wading...and I couldn't resist the urge to just go for a swim, even though I wasn't exactly dressed for swimming. Skirt and t-shirt works, right? Sure, we're in Hawaii. The pics of ME and Korts swimming are still on Kort's camera because Kadi took them from shore.Sorry, post is all jumbled. I don't like the auto editor in blogger and I am too lazy to sort it all out and fix the html to what I want.

it's me, napping. and my feet reaching toward the sea. And me smiling because I am in trouble for not smiling in enough pics according to Kadi. Then it's all 3 of us (okay, 2.5 of us).

Alrighty folks, that's the ocean my feet are in, and the last photo is my wet clothing pile since I couldn't get back into the car like that. I did bring spare clothes *just in case* so they were available for me to use :D

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