Saturday, January 2, 2010

December 25, 2009 - MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Oh that a pizza box in the gift pile? Folks, it's true...Kurt got tired of wrapping and decided the pizza box was WHITE and looked LOVELY with nothing but a label on it...

I made him wrap the other 4 or 5 chicken and pizza boxes...

Now - even though this day did not go perfectly - Kurt was so sick he was out of bed long enough for the kids to unwrap gifts; Abby's gift didn't work right and when we emailed the customer service for the product their AUTO RESPONDER instantly sent us an email stating everything that could/would go wrong with their product and what we could do to temporarily reboot the thing...and ultimately, at the end, the suggestion to return the product to place of purchase within 2 weeks of purchase. NICE. that was a bummer lol - in the end we were all VERY blessed. We (well, the kids and I, minus sleeping Kurt) had a lovely dinner at Dad & Kelli's house with Kortni & Rob, Kent, Becky and their children and I don't think we even had to take a photo of Dad with his Lutefisk this time...

Abby and her gizmo that took 6 photos then crashed (like software, internal malfunction crash...cute but useless device)

Ruby and her new pajamas and bag of PAINTS to go with her easel and brushes.
Kurt and his special new mugger mask for work.
Camden being nice to his sister and wearing his new soft (and manly) pajama bottoms (he begged for pink happy bunny pajama bottoms once because they were soft fleece and the men's section usually only has flannel that isn't soft...)

I assume my Dad will have a photo of ME from Christmas to prove I was there :D

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