Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December 15, 2009 - Living For Jesus is Fun

Okay, here we have the budged flash diffuser combo...

I saw a little Photojojo tip on how to use a film canister, which I had actually put off since August because I am not safe with sharp objects and thick plastic (I'm clumsy, what can I say), so in a pinch, I decided a portion cup would work (happened to be during the employee Christmas party at Gino's where we have stacks of these little gems).

So the portion cup worked great! Easily attaches with scotch tape (dollar tree variety used here). Then I got brave and tried the film canister at home...then tried them side by side and then together (by side by side, I mean one shot with just the canister, then one with just the portion cup) and decided that together they work well for close up shots in which you need a flash that would normally wash out the subject.

So a fancy flash, speedlight, off camera remote strobes, or even $60 diffuser attachment would be *cool* but this is way cool...and while I still dream of that delightful Canon 7D...I really think I need the Superheadz Golden Twin that shoots regular 35mm film...and I admit, I could totally get sucked into the toy camera thing. There are some amazing film cameras out there that we in the digital age pay money to filter, grunge and grain up - why not shoot it that way in the first place? Actually, I have to confess, I don't edit my photos to look like they were shot with shoddy film and equipment, but I LOVE THE LOOK!! I'm actually gonna' load the film I have into Abby's *hannah montana* plastic real *toy* camera. Should be FUN!

This fancy contraption should work with ANY on camera flash, pop up or not, providing you can find the portion cup the size you need...scotch tape can be cut to needed size. :) Mine is the 3.25 ounce size, that's what we have at Gino's :o)

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