Sunday, February 22, 2009

February 22, 2009 - Living For Jesus is Fun

I am SO THANKFUL that this time I send my Rebel XT to Canon for servicing I have the point and shoot Canon A470 that took this photo as a *hold me over* :o) I am also thankful that when you send your Rebel off to Canon they send it back to you CLEAN and in like new condition. This poor thing has logged just about 34K shots. Yes, that's 34,000 - and it only had about 12K on it last time it went in for servicing - it's long overdue and now, the sensor needs cleaned beyond what I can do myself - and the sand in everything really must be removed. The man at the camera shop, last time he just rolled his eyes at me when he took the camera to box it up. Yeah Man, I totally understand. But seriously, his camera bag would probably get sand in it too if he took it in the car to the beach WITH KIDS THAT DON'T PAY ATTENTION x 5 (sometimes more). That's one of the main reasons I haven't upgraded...upgrading would give me anxiety about things like kids and sand, and I don't like anxiety - I consider it a blessing to just work with what I have and enjoy the blessing of being able to send it off in trade for being able to capture so many fun moments with the kids :D

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