Friday, February 6, 2009

February 5, 2009 - Living for Jesus is FUN

Camden and Nathan Kahler playing their harmonica duo bluegrass jam for me - Nathan is so funny - he even did his little ho-down dance, complete with knee slapping! I really had planned to post the photo of me & Sandy Main on our lunch date to the Blue Heron, but this was so cute (sorry boys, cute is how I saw it, but not in a sissy sort of way) I had to post it instead :) And I took it with the new telephoto lens I picked up at Bi-Mart {the display model, THANKS BILL ;) }, because we all know I'll need that in Hawaii ;)

Late posting photo because I wasn't home to post it until wayyyyy late yesterday and we're all sick and I didn't feel like it - because we were all playing with the new tiny laptop (an acer1 [one?] ) anyhow, it didn't have anything on it yet. Trying to NOT clutter it but looking forward to having a little portable purse sized lappy for the trip to Hawaii. If only planes had electrical my calculations, the battery will last only 2 hours. *sigh* It's all good, I have the Bible on my iPod and travel scrabble and a traveling companion as well :D

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