Monday, February 22, 2010

19th – 22th of February 2010

IMG_0250And here sleeps the hand that feeds us, exhausted, and still a little twitchy, but sleeping. Kurt actually hates it when I take his picture…while he’s sleeping, but to me, capturing his hand was significant. It’s a part of who he is and what he does. Calluses, carbon stains, burns, scabs & scars, strong hands made beautiful by the sacrifice of their own comfort so that others will not have to work so hard to eat, sleep, play and learn. This was actually late on the 18th.
It does count as brunch, even when served between 1 & 2 PM. Sunny Friday triggers allergy symptoms…countered by self pampering with sleeping in and having pancakes and coffee for a late lunch/brunch.
By computer screen light. Not exactly romantic, but it is cool :D

My Zipporah on the 21st at Sunset Beach! Isn’t she cool??

Camden. Whining at Mr. Hinkel’s today. February 22nd.

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