Monday, February 8, 2010

February 7th & 8th, 2010

Look at the sunshine through the curtains. Such a bummer this is the day we have to come home from Lincoln City – and the little sleepers are toooooo cute (and delightfully QUIET).
Now folks, I am usually a calm, safe, easy going driver…but I gotta’ tell you – THOSE FREAKS THAT DRIVE 30 MPH FROM LINCOLN CITY ALL THE WAY TO FLORENCE…need to take an alternate route. For crying out loud, 30 in the 45 and 40 in the 55 was making me INSANE! Frothing at the mouth insane, I am not kidding you. Pull outs all over and do you think grandma and grandpa BC would pull into one of them?? NO! I mean, goodness me, stopping would keep them from getting to the casino in Florence at least 10 minutes behind schedule!
Fortunately, at Florence, most of the freaks are out of the way (and there are occasional passing lanes) and I felt *home free.*
Then this morning, we’re getting dressed and ready to go and Ruby comes out in this – tiered flippy skirt, cute bucket hat, shoes with shiny sparkly straps and a flower with giant (hideous) gem on top – and I said, “How cute Ruby, you fell out of the 80s.”
This puzzled her. Some day we will explain :D

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