Tuesday, May 5, 2009

HOOORRRAAYYYY!! I replaced my broken phone today. The screens died right after we got back from Hawaii (like that night, as soon as I got home), then the speakers went and pretty soon, you had to open it, turn on speaker phone, dial and hope for the best...which was a 1 out of 3 gamble at best that you'd get who you were trying to call. ANYHOW, I didn't get a fancy phone, I didn't even get a cool phone, but I did get a phone that ended up being only $10 - and I am happy with that. I dial, it calls, my contacts are already backed up (that contact backup from US Cellular WORKED, Praise GOD - because it's wretched multi tapping that sort of info back in). Lovely webcam photo eh? :D


IceFrog said...

Hi, I Like your Blog

listgirl said...

Yay for new photo! Esp cheap phone! I'm the same way. I hardly use my cell, so no use getting a fancy schmancy one.