Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May 19, 2009 - Living For Jesus is Fun

I know it looks black. See if you can count the blessings today (did you know that on days when I really just want to kick and scream and cry and chase my children like I am a deranged lunatic, I really do encourage myself by COUNTING MY BLESSINGS??)[try it, it works]

It's our bedroom clock. In the dark, obviously. It's 10:44 PM. And, for about 4 or 5 minutes between - ohhhh, 10:30 and 10:44 sometime, there was QUIET in my house - I even thought the miniature insomniacs had GONE TO SLEEP.

Cam piped up, broke the silence and all three started in again...
We are blessed because (and this is really an endless list, but I will try to stop at 10)
  1. We have running water and plumbing that works so EVERYONE can get up out of bed, get drinks, relieve themselves and eventually go back to bed.
  2. We HAVE beds for them to go back to, even though no one but myself and Kurt have slept in Abby & Ruby's bunkbeds since putting them together in this house.
  3. Kurt is able to sleep through the racket and mayhem.
  4. Our heat works, so if your sister steals most of the blanket you insist on sharing with her to sleep on the futon instead of in a bed, you will not be cold.
  5. Daddy can still afford to pay the electricity to keep said heat on.
  6. Everyone has lots of pillows to rest their weary heads on...I know this because the ones that used to be on my bed are now missing.
  7. We have many, many blankets, perfect for building fort like structures around the futon (or cover yourself should heat mysteriously be turned off) so you can feel like you're in your own HOUSE instead of your own room, in your own bed, in your family's house.
  8. We have enough cameras in the house to capture just about any photo, any time, whether a few have dead batteries and need charged or not.
  9. The internet is NOT DOWN so Mommy has something to do while trying to outlast the children :)
  10. We have all lived one more day, enjoyed beautiful sunshine and life giving rain - and are aware that even when things are rough, JESUS STILL LOVES US and WE ARE BLESSED :)

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listgirl said...

Great list! And a wonderful and symbolic photo!