Tuesday, September 1, 2009

August 31, 2009 - Living For Jesus is Fun

I nearly called Gino's today to tell them I was home a day early from my out of towning in case I was needed...but I didn't. Didn't matter, they called me hoping I was back (they know me to well) to let me know I was needed. Cool. I needed a place to hang out tonight :D When I got home from work...well in the car on the way home, I received a call from Kurt's phone from Abigail. She was chattering 100 mph. She had fixed french fries all by herself (no fryer, don't think I'm a bad mom, think of her as an advanced and independent almost 9-year-old) AND COFFEE!!

And as I sort of shouted WHAT?? She said, "it's okay mommy, I only made espresso for me and ruby and camden and ruby and i already drank ours and i put camden's in the frige cuz it's iced coffee and i turned off the espresso machine and unplugged it when i was done and it was good mommy, i drank all of mine, could you bring home more milk, do you want me to make you some coffee? it's really easy, i can make you some coffee for you when you get home..."

yes it was really that much of a constant run on jabber jabber - mother put your head in your hands, oh dear what am i going to do when i get home kind of conversation at 10:30 PM...and daddy gets up to go to work at FIVE!!

So I stop at walmart, get the requested milk and bread AND Ben & Jerry's Key Lime Pie (which, btw folks, is TO DIE FOR), pull in the driveway and was greeted by thugs. I mean, 2 little girls hyped up on sugary espresso way past bedtime (and I laughed, they were so stinking cute and funny - then I sent them to bed).

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listgirl said...

what fun photos of the "thugs"!
seriously, the nine year old made espresso for all the kids at night??? gah!