Saturday, September 12, 2009

September 8, 2009 - Living For Jesus is Fun

The radio lights as I pulled into the driveway after my 9th day in a row. Help me remember it's a blessing to be employed...I clocked in at 9:45 AM and back out around 11 PM...

We had so many crazy parties on this Tuesday night, you could have mistaken it for a FRIDAY!! Seriously NUTS!!

One family was having their daughter's 3rd birthday party - super nice people - and all of a sudden they were GONE and I feared we had offended them - but really, their kids got tired and they packed up and went (see, nice people and good parents) - they came back a couple hours later to tip us...and brought in 3 slices of home made from scratch CHOCOLATE CAKE - WITH MILK!! Is that not the sweetest thing in the whole world?? Dr. Yost makes a mean chocolate cake!! They made our night (even if we did utterly destroy the whole place) (no really, flooded walk in...dirty tables that i somehow didn't see, out of everything...really a disaster)

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