Monday, September 28, 2009

September 17, 2009 - Living For Jesus is FUN

So much fun in fact that I am 10 days behind again? Seriously?? What on earth have I been doing?? OKAY...hmmm. Let's find out! This will be FUN (hahahaha to all of you that get an email every time I post)

Alright, so Monika got this cool brochure from a wedding photographer. A little background...Monika is getting married, December 20th. She works with me at the pizza joint. She's taken on the MOM roll for small children...

Wedding photographers AREN'T INEXPENSIVE. Enough said, the prices in this brochure brought tears to her eyes, even if they are showcasing some cool stuff...she doesn't have $1600 for a disk of photos and 200 - 300 4x6 prints.

This is the point in life where Kurt said, "Yes, you need to buy a newer, better camera. Yes you can upgrade your equipment..." I have to work several more weeks at nearly full time to upgrade (because I would have to have a business partner/marketing manager to ever charge enough money to cover my expenses, I know, I know, I am okay with never running a successful and profitable business lol, but someday, I COULD be that good, right?)

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listgirl said...

Now that would be a fun business to get into. If you get a few gigs, your equipment will be paid for!