Friday, July 3, 2009

July 2, 2009 - Living For Jesus is Fun

Sigh. This cute little bug WOULD NOT POSE FOR ME. The thing wouldn't hold still and it's super hard to take macro shots with our little canon a470 in low light to begin with but when it's a moving target it's grrr - but isn't he kinda cute??

We also bought a real frisbee today and played a bit at the park while Cam swam, then we had dinner at EZ Thai (Tom Kha Gai - coconut soup with chicken - this time with bean sprouts and rice noodles - yum...and bbq chicken, deep fried coconut ice cream with choco sauce, thai iced coffee - the Laos Thai in Charleston makes much better iced coffee). ANYHOW after that we wandered to Oregon Inspiration and saw Barb, then we came home and grabbed the dog and headed to the beach - where it was absolutely beautiful, NO WIND - and some folks saw that we were about to build a fire and told us they were just leaving and we could have theirs - AND THEY LEFT US S'MORE'S FIXINGS!! So sweet! We played some frisbee, had some s'mores and spent a wonderful afternoon/evening together! And Kurt surprised the kids with a big box of fireworks (which we don't usually buy).

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listgirl said...

Awesome bug photo! The Thai food sounds completely delicious. Thai iced tea and coffee is way too strong for me. I had it once and I could not sleep. How nice of those people to leave you s'more's fixings! Bonfire on the beach, that is the life!