Sunday, July 26, 2009

July 25, 2009 - Living For Jesus is FUN!!

SHE'S IN THE WATER (Brother and Sister King & Little Brother & Sister {adam & karissa} King - I hope you see this post - CUZ HE FINALLY GOT A BOAT INTO THE WATER!!!! Hooray!

Sailboats look SO MUCH COOLER on water than they do, well, say, on a rusty trailer next to the shop behind your humble abode. :)

Camden was helping to dock and tie up the boat today so Scott could get off of the boat and Becky, Alaina and I could get on...

Well, if you are a 13-year-old boy, and there are beautiful young ladies around, YOU MUST SHOW OFF. So he did. He did a super cool jump from boat to dock - landed beautifully and he was very charming. For about 30 seconds. Okay, maybe a whole minute, cuz' that's how long my back was turned and the next thing I know, boat is drifting off and I see Cam sort of drift right off the dock with it...into the water. He TOTALLY tried to pull the boat, with sails up, in toward the dock - while sort of lying on the dock...and it sort of just took him with it. Now, all of you nicey nice people who are going to be shocked and horrified at this point, please don't keep reading down to the part where we were all laughing our fool heads off because then you will think we're mean.

So, here's the kid, hanging from the boat, which slopes, well, in a manner making it difficult to pull him in. The water's COLD and we're all laughing and trying to figure out what fool thing he's tried to do to get himself into this predicament. Scott really was trying to grab and pull him in, but boat is still kinda' spinning around because IT WAS HIS JOB TO BAG THE HEAD SAIL that he left half up when he jumped to the dock to show off (yes, it was classy, cool, and in all other ways cool boy maneuver) boat starts coming back toward the dock and I feared my handsome young man would be smashed - and he nearly was, because he couldn't decide if he wanted to continue hanging off of the boat that still wasn't secured to the dock OR if he wanted to hang off of the dock - so for a few seconds he was between the two telling me "MOM, Pull me up!" And I COULDN'T because he had an arm on the boat and one on the dock and, well, we were still laughing.

This whole episode *might* have lasted 3 minutes. Yes he was cold and wet when we retrieved him, however, he wasn't going to die. No hypothermia drama or anything like that. Fortunately NO CELL PHONE IN POCKET either (phew, i asked as he was gaining his composure hanging from the side of the boat as he was drifting away).

And THAT was when he'd decided he'd sailed enough for today and left his deck hand position in favor of riding with Scott to Coos Bay where we were going to end and moore the boat - but didn't have a vehicle down there yet. So he and Scott took my car and met us on the boardwalk with Kord and Becca - and none of us girls (me, Becky, Alaina & Abby) went overboard. Abby did get all wet though, and such is sailing.


Bretta said...

Great story! Of course, it's always so much nicer to be in a predicament when you know mom is snapping pictures as quickly as she can...heehee!

listgirl said...

Heh heh, I see that you took photos of him documenting this episode. At least there were others there to help him! I can't believe your sailboat is in the water! Yaaaaay!