Friday, October 23, 2009

October 23, 2009 - Living For Jesus is Fun

I rock. In September we bought the PoGo (polaroid's latest instant technology which isn't exactly instant, but it is pretty durn spiffy).

You can blue tooth images to it (unless you have an iPhone). You can direct connect just about any digi cam and print - but you CANNOT connect via usb to a computer and print. The thing is basically a portable, on the go, printer.

SO what do I do when my non bluetooth netbook has the pics I want to print? Well, I email them to my phone and print and then when I get a bunch of mini prints to put under the frontplate of my WACOM tablet! Wahoo! It's cute, I have never put anything under the cover before, but I was inspired today, I enjoy looking at random shots of this and that - and most were the poor quality images from the phone itself anyhow...

Some details about my PoGo...
  • First off, even when images print out less than perfect and sometimes even poorly, I LOVE IT!
  • Ruby is using ONLY these prints in her school/handwriting scrapbook. It keeps it simple, uniform and messless - peel backing off of photo and stick it down. Done deal.
  • It prints ONLY 2x3 photos, and ONLY on the special ZINK paper - from walmart $12 for 30 sheets, from $19.99 for 80 sheets (free shipping if you buy 2) The ink is IN THE PAPER.
  • The PoGo is SMALL, it fits in purse, backpack, pocket if you really want to about 3 x 5 x 1
  • bluetooth...from any phone but iPhone apparently (sorry Mr. Hinkel).
  • CORDLESS it will print 5 or 6 prints (sometimes more) from the battery - before needing recharged, charges in under 2 hours, handy for printing a quick pick you took of someone you just ran into that you might not see again for a while and you got a cute shot of their kids and your kids all being cute - so you don't have to email it, or mail a print later, you can just hand it to them. Kids love this.
  • all of my children can operate the machine
  • my husband can operate the machine
  • and finally, you too could make a cool collage for your wacom tablet (or stick them to the wall, or ceiling, or whatever)
And there you have it. I paid way too much for mine at Walmart, so I will leave you with a link to the lesser priced versions at Amazon. Mine is black. You KNOW I would have bought the pink or red if they'd had it though lol :D

link 1 to printer (black)
link 2 to printer/camera black
link 3 to printer red
link 4 to printer bundle in pink with carry pouch and 40 sheets of paper - keep in mind I paid nearly this much for just the printer and 10 sheets lol


Christine Smith said...

THANK YOU for taking the time to encourage me - that was really nice of you! Hope you have a great day

listgirl said...

Hi AmyJo! I finally caught up on your blog and your photos! You had some awesome ones in the last couple of weeks. How cool that you are shooting with film too!

I actually had this Polaroid POGO printer on my wishlist at Amazon! I'm so glad to hear that you love it! So if my laptop has bluetooth, I can print from there? I love the idea of the 2x3... we can do mini-scrap pages and print them out on POGO, then put them into a nametag protector album!