Saturday, November 14, 2009

November 13, 2009 - Living For Jesus is Fun

Hmmm...this looks suspiciously like BIRTHDAY CAKE...

With lit up candles...and a smiley girl...

These photos weren't taken by me! YAY, I got to be the birthday MOM and let others take photos!! Yeah, I took some too, but these were good catches - first 2 by Angie Wright, end one by Alana's Mommy, Sabina Bridges! Thank you Mrs. Angie & Bina!! :)

Ruby's party was at the church because she told her Daddy she wanted to have it someplace SPECIAL and he suggested Gino's and McDonald's and she put her hands on her hips and rolled her eyes and said, "No Dad. The Church. I want my party at THE CHURCH because The Church is special, cuz that's where JESUS is" Too cute!

Thank you Pastor Goodwin for permission to have the party there and Thank you Sister Goodwin for the HOT DOGS!

Thank You Sister Sandy for helping me calm down and doing most of the clean up!
Thank you Sisters Becky & Alaina for assisting with crowd control and cleanup, and Brothers Scott & Bill for helping put everything away and sweep up...and Kord for your service!

YOU ARE ALL AN AWESOME FAMILY :o) and we love you!

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