Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November 16, 2009 - Living For Jesus is Fun

Two things are important today. The first is mentioned briefly at drink more tea, and that would be my CHAI - yes, yes, I know to you without tea knowledge this looks like a freaky pot of soup...but it's not. Okay, perhaps it's freaky, but it's not soup. It's...better than hot cocoa, so we made a gallon. Black tea, and I tossed in some white tea (pai mu tan) and green tea (gen mai cha) as well, then milk, water, about a cup of honey, spices (yeah, wish i could remember what i threw in that can - you see, i have a big can of odds and ends of stuff that is the chai blend can, so end of misc. black tea, star anise, hand grated nutmeg, bits of cinnamon, end of dried peppermint, ginger pieces...you get the picture). Simmer 20 minutes or so (after it heats up, no use timing how long it takes to get to the point where it's hot enough to simmer). YUMMY!! I tried to get a good shot of the star anise and the pink peppercorn...those are my favorite aesthetic ingredients :D I think it might be a little blurry. That's how you would see it if you tainted it with grown up beverage, which I didn't.

And photo #2 is just for Abigail, I promised her I'd post it to my blog...and she will post it to hers as well - she put together Ruby's *Polly Pocket* poster. Ruby got angry and had to disengage, no use being angry at a puzzle, it doesn't growl back :)

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