Thursday, March 12, 2009

March 12, 2009 - Living For Jesus Is Fun

Today...I had a nightmare. All of the photos from Camden's birthday yesterday that were on the little Canon - were GONE. ALL GONE. I tried file recovery software...and it recovered thumbnails that opened as very badly offset, oddly colored, photos from our trip to Corvallis - or they were a black bar with a garbled, many colored, stripe...then IRFANVIEW THUMBNAILS opened the thumbnails of the missing images...and opened the original files...and I was able to SAVE THEM ALL TO ANOTHER DISK after changing one letter of the filename - phew!!

Today's photo is not of that. It's of Miss Abby in rag curlers...with and without them. She has the straightest of straight hair that really doesn't she was thrilled with these curls and thought herself very glamorous!

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