Monday, March 2, 2009

March 2, 2009 - Living For Jesus is Fun

especially if you are the child pretending you are being obedient and *going to bed* even though you are OBVIOUSLY on he living room futon...with half of a *fort* up around you, dishes from your snacks on the floor beside you and your brother (who's mad face and inappropriate attired caused him to be cropped out) is sitting on the floor beside you shouting loudly why he shouldn't be in any trouble for not going to bed. JOY. really it is.

DON'T YOU REMEMBER WHEN THAT WAS YOU?? [and if your parents were the type that didn't allow you to build forts in the living room using the furniture to drape blankets over, and old cardboard boxes for walls...i truly am very totally missed out, i hope it didn't stifle your creativity and cause you to grow up and be dull]

I just wish I still had the energy to keep up with little peeps that get up early - and still manage to stay up beyond my ability to keep up. Now, as much as I despise the disobedience, at least they do it TOGETHER - and you really do have to admire their unity.

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