Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March 24, 2009 - Living For Jesus is Fun

This is the REAL Kayla. Sort of. The REAL Kayla likes to wear her own sloppy (comfy) clothes and keeps her hair up. She was bribed today with Taco Bell (I owe her after church), and then forced to wear Big Sister's (aka, my traveling companion) clothes AND wear her hair down...now, as you can see from this photo - SHE IS BEAUTIFUL - even while making funny faces, but the funny face in this photo is about as Kayla as it gets.

I love it :)

This probably won't be put on the wall in their home, but I'm sure something from the rest of the collection will do just fine for that. I might put her on my wall...I like this. Real is fun :)

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listgirl said...

I love it AmyJo! I do this face all the time, but my husband always says, "Don't do that!"