Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 15, 2009 - Living For Jesus is Fun

Even on TAX DEADLINE DAY when you haven't filed your Oregon return yet...I mean, it seems to me that if I owe, I still have to pay the 5% fine for not paying in enough to begin with (this is the 3rd year in a row, btw, and we don't claim extra on our W4 so no clue why we don't have enough taken out). If I read correctly, you pay the 5% fine for filing LATE (as in tomorrow) or for whatever. MINE ARE NOT MAILED - SO TAKE THAT OREGON DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE (along with the money we will be sending you every month until we die).

Moving on, don't you just love Kurt? He used to dress like this all the time...not really even realizing he looked like a GOOBER and that he didn't, he did it on purpose (and went to church this way) just to make me laugh. I mean seriously, unless you are color tone impaired, you can clearly see that HE DOES NOT MATCH to the point of clashing so badly it made me laugh outloud. IF YOU DRESS LIKE THIS ON A REGULAR BASIS I AM NOT TRYING TO INSULT YOU NOR MAKE YOU FEEL BADLY (i have been known to wear capris under my skirt with frumpy t-shirt & sweater and pink shoes - but the colors all matched).

Anyhow, he's still cute :D THIS is the only photo I took today (well, 2 shots, one without a flash and this one with the flash).

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listgirl said...

Aww, I dig the leather! Gotta love a man who is confident enough to dress like a goober on purpose!

My state (CA) were sending people I.O.U.'s because the state doesn't have money to refund people their taxes.