Monday, January 5, 2009

January 5, 2009 - Living For Jesus is Fun!

It's dark. It's so terribly gusty/windy that our trailer is rocking like a boat (I always make jokes about living in this single wide trailer is our preparation for living aboard a 50' ketch...which is my husband's dream...fortunately it's a few years off, he's building a 20' boat right now and it's taken him a year to get from drawing some plans and gathering stuff to actually gluing planks onto the frame). Anyhow, I was reading the blog that had the post that got me all inspired about this project in the first place (see it here) and the urgency in her post to TAKE THAT PHOTO NOW (even though I have started) made me take a look around my room and voila. There it is. My miserable looking ficus bonsai tree that Joseph gave me for Christmas...last year? Perhaps the year before (it spent several months in my mother's bathroom before making it to my house, so it must have been Christmas 2007). Anyhow, no one told me ficus didn't like to be moved, and I don't mean just that they don't like to be moved from house to house, they just plain don't like to be MOVED AT ALL - not from room to room, nor shelf to shelf. So when the leaves began to fall off of mine I thought, "oh, too drafty here..." and I moved it, and more leaves fell off, so I moved it and more leaves fell off and - you get the picture (it's a Charlie Brown tree now).

Well PRAISE GOD someone told me they don't like to be moved, and my naked little tree that makes me smile every time I look at it (because it reminds me of Joseph, my brother) is growing it's leaves back! Yeah, so you can see the cobwebs between the storm windows and the outer windows - but it's a blessing to have those storm windows, so the cobwebs can stay. And, it's true, the little thing is still mostly naked - but seriously it had one leaf left a couple weeks ago. It was a very sad sight to see.

So THIS is my important memory of January 5th (it's past midnight) on a night that I can't sleep because I'm getting seasick on land in this blessed single wide trailer in the wind!

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Gina Marie said...

love at the wonderfully optimistic outlook you have - it is so wonderful to count blessings!! (Like storm windows even though there are cobwebs!) Great post!!! have a wonderful day!!