Friday, January 9, 2009

January 9, 2009 - Living For Jesus is Fun

You can't even tell how bull headed and disobedient this child is by looking at this photo...but she's in the saucer chair in the living room, finally asleep, after being sent to BED at 8:00 PM. Honestly, any bed in any of the 3 rooms in this house would do, but noooooo...when I got home from work at 10PM - she was UP. After a battle of wills and her waking Daddy (who has to get up early) several times, apparently I forfeited and lost the battle because there her innocent little self sleeps, sucking fingers (the two middle fingers on her left hand) in mouth and right hand twirling her sleeping curl (she has names for everything) - sleeping pillow (I swear to you it's less than a month old, and I did have a pillowcase on it) is filthy but there with her. This child has to have everything *just so* or she literally CANNOT function.


I love my baby girl, she's amazing! Witty, brilliant, stubborn, artistic and left handed like me :D

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bentonflocke said...

wonderful journaling full of warmness! Fantastic shot