Saturday, January 10, 2009

January 10, 2009 - Living For Jesus is FUN!

TODAY, my friend Billie Jo called out of the blue and asked if I wanted to head to Shore Acres to hike with her...and gave me 4 minutes to be ready (knowing I had just crawled out of bed around 11...about 30 minutes prior to her call).

Anyhow, during our hike we saw immense waves, and swirling ocean - always something that leaves ME in awe...and we saw TONS of trees that were blown over from recent storms - some haven't even hit the ground yet, they are being propped up by others, and some when they blew over took 2 or 3 or 4 others out...and it just reminded me of how WE are like trees as human beings...

note, in this next photo, how the tree, as you get toward the top, starts to curve - because it's tipped a little and wasn't growing straight, so to reach the sunlight, the top started curving back upward to "straighten" itself reaching for the sun...

For me, there is great Biblica
l symbolism here...we can be like the trees, and when the storms of life come, we can be swayed, but if our roots are deeply and firmly planted...we may sway, we may even lean over to be held up by other *trees*, but we will remain and eventually lift our heads Son-ward and straighten back out, and if we loose hope, start to look around at the soggy muck we are standing in and lose sight of our purpose, we may topple right over and potentially take others down with us (for me, as a momma tree, if i really blow it, it could be my little baby trees i take down with me, frightening, isn't it?).

So I am thankful to find hope at the top of a crooked tree that's weathered the storm and still reaches heavenward

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Cheryl said...

Thank you so much for putting Cory in your prayers, it means a great deal to me. Many hugs! See ya on WW :-)